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"Is your dependence on a substance causing you grief?

Have you struggled with cutting down and feel stuck?
Do issues relating to your dependence create issues between your whanau and friends?
Is guilt due to substance use an issues for you?

Massively reduce withdrawal symptons!

Using Ibogaine can reduce withdrawal symptoms by up to 95%

If you can relate to these questions Ibogaine Therapy could be for you.

Join up, connect up and let's see if you could benefit from Ibogaine Therapy.

So how does ibogaine work?

Ibogaine alleviates physical withdrawal symptoms of opiate detox by attaching to the body’s opiate receptor sites. It functions in a similar way to treatments that block or take residence in these receptor sites. However, unlike methadone or suboxin which can lead to chemical dependency, ibogaine is non-addictive and needs not be taken on a continuing basis. Ibogaine treats other chemical dependencies by cleansing the body of the drug and resetting the brain’s neuro-chemistry.

After ingestion, ibogaine  stores up in the fat cells of the body and is  slowly released and converted by the liver into nor-ibogaine. Nor-ibogaine helps with any further withdrawal symptoms or cravings for two to six months. It has a documented anti-depressant effect that establishes a state of well-being, free from negative thought patterns.

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